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1. According to your body shape
Petite and delicate figure: suitable for high-waisted, tight-fitting, evening dresses online styles that closely fit the waist. Should try to avoid the lower dress is too fluffy design should also avoid excessive exaggeration; the upper body can be replaced more, the neckline is recommended to use the v-neck design, in order to increase sexy.
Slim height: Just like a coat hanger, any style of evening dresses can be tried, especially with a fishtail dress to highlight the body.
Full figure: suitable for straight cut, more slender wear. Lace should choose thin plain lace, rather than high collar style; The design of the waist and dress should be as simple as possible.
2. According to your skin type
White clean type: You can choose pink evening dresses online, and avoid red, black velvet and other colors that are too heavy, otherwise it will appear uncoordinated.
Dark and healthy: You can choose a bright color to match a healthy image and bring out the skin tone. Avoid choosing pink, otherwise it will be overshadowed by darker skin tones.
Yellow complexion: Yellow complexion will make people feel lacklustre, so you might as well choose medium-colored evening dresses. Unless you have a good face, you should generally avoid choosing an overly complicated outfit.
3. Choose the style you want
If a seller is professionally making evening dresses, no matter whether he is going to make them cheap or expensive, he will design the style first, and then make the real thing according to the designed style drawing. The price of a good style evening dress is generally higher because it has a good style.
In many cases, there is a big gap in the price of different styles of evening dresses with the same fabric, cut and workmanship. So many of us are willing to spend more money to buy evening dresses with good styles when buying evening dresses online.
4. According to the fabric, cutting and workmanship
In many cases, an evening dress, if it has good fabrics, tailoring and workmanship, it will have some unexpected good effects on the body. Therefore, no matter what kind of evening dress is purchased, these three aspects need to be carefully considered.
If an evening dress has good fabrics, good cuts and good workmanship, it will feel very comfortable and jammed, and at the same time it can perfectly express the beauty of the figure. Tailored and well-made evening dresses can make girls who are not in good shape look bloated, but a feeling of wealth.
If you want to dress up with more temperament, you should combine the theme colors of the clothes with popular colors. Then embellish the details and accessories.