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On the wedding day, in addition to the bride and groom, the most noticeable ones are the parents of the bride and groom. If the parents dress decently, they can not only add luster to the family, but also create a festive atmosphere for the wedding. Let's introduce in detail below: 6 types of dresses that brides and mothers like.
1. Lace dress
This kind of dress is not only designed to be very atmospheric, but also to add a romantic atmosphere to it. Choose a colorful lace mother of the bride dresses, which can highlight the figure, and the dress is also very decent and generous, which is very suitable for the wedding atmosphere.
2. Boat neckline
It is currently the most popular mothers of the bridal dresses. Its overall is very simple and neat, and the boat-shaped cut neckline can also extend the visual effect of the neck and show a beautiful neck curve. Therefore, it is deeply favored and liked by mothers.
3. Shoulder cap sleeves
The design of shoulder cap sleeves can not only prevent the bride mother from exposing the skin too much, but also get rid of the stuffy long sleeves, so it is very suitable for spring and summer weddings.
4. Transparent rotator cuff
The transparent rotator sleeve design can not only show the perfect arm line of the bride and mother, but also not too exposed. Therefore, it is especially suitable for autumn and winter weddings.
5. Lotus leaf skirt
If you like short dresses, you can choose this lotus leaf skirt dress, because its natural dress from the waist can help you modify your figure and add a sense of liveliness. Therefore, it is the best mother of the bride dresses for you. select.
6. Champagne tones
If you don’t know what color to choose, you can choose a safe color like gold or silver. If you want to make a deep impression, you’d better choose an elegant champagne dress, because it can not only call the skin color, but also It has a shiny and eye-catching visual effect, so it is especially suitable for wedding day wear.
In fact, there are many  mother of the bride dresses suitable for mother on the market. Different color dresses can show different effects. Therefore, you must choose carefully and not sloppy.