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The beach is romantic and casual, and it is a place where thousands of brides can linger in their dreams. Therefore, beach weddings have also become the first choice for brides. The atmosphere of an island wedding is relaxed and lively, with sea breeze, sun and waves, all of which give a talk wedding a unique charm that is different from ordinary weddings. However, although these elements can add color to your wedding, discordant dressing may ruin your long-awaited beach wedding. In order to avoid this kind of thing from happening, please choose a suitable beach wedding dresses. Then you should pay attention to the following points:
1. Thin and light material
Let go of those wedding dresses that are too gorgeous in style, and first exclude exquisite and heavy-duty wedding dresses when choosing beach wedding dresses, because these wedding dresses are too heavy and are not conducive to the bride's walking. Choose chiffon, tulle and other light beach wedding dresses, which can not only reduce the burden on the bride, but also make the wedding more beautiful and romantic.
2. Simple style
Intricate wedding dresses, under the influence of sea breeze and sea water, not only will not make the bride beautiful, but may also make the bride more embarrassed. Choosing a simple and natural style wedding dress not only conforms to the theme of the beach wedding, but also maximizes the advantages of the brides' figure, as well as their unique temperament and personal charm. This type of styles are A-line, mermaid, short and high-low . Of course, if you like the ball gown wedding dress very much, try to choose a shorter wedding dress instead of trailing ball gwon wedding dresses.
3. The material is not delicate
A beach wedding means that the wedding must be held on the beach, so that the wedding dress will inevitably be stained with sand, and it can only be worn once. Therefore, it is best not to choose heavy satin, silk fabrics, and do not choose too expensive Expensive wedding dresses. Beach wedding dresses made of chiffon, tulle, lace and other fabrics. The material is not delicate and the price is moderate. It is the bride's first choice.
4. The color is right
Remember that the wedding dress should be consistent with the theme of the wedding, and the color of the wedding dress should be plain, such as white, ivory, pink, champagne and other light-colored beach wedding dresses, so that the blue sea and the golden beach can be better integrated. . Avoid choosing red, black and other colors that are incompatible with the sea view.
In addition, some details need to be noted:
Throw away high heels: Beach and high heels are natural enemies, while wedge heels and flat shoes are good friends on the beach. If you don’t want your whole foot to sink into the sand, it’s necessary to choose a pair of comfortable shoes. Barefoot is also a good choice, but you should prepare fabrics or petals to spread the aisle in advance to avoid scalding your feet with the hot sand.
Consider the haircut: a clean haircut can keep the bride shining all day long, not only to keep the nape of the neck fresh, but also to avoid the raging sea breeze. If you are a loyal fan of shawl hair, it is best to hire a hair stylist to help you adjust your hairstyle at the wedding.
Beware of the veil: Choose the veil for a beach wedding carefully. If the sea breeze is strong, the originally romantic veil may become a nightmare for the bride. It is a good choice to replace the veil with flowers or a turban.
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